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Is your PPC campaign getting sabotaged by fraudsters? Are you depleting 10%, 20%–even 40% of your budget on wasted clicks? How to catch these scammers with their hands in the cookie jar!

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Is your PPC campaign getting sabotaged by fraudsters? Are you depleting 10%, 20%–even 40% of your budget on wasted clicks? How to catch these scammers with their hands in the cookie jar!

If you advertise in Pay Per Click Programs like Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture, someone is keeping you from maximizing your profits. If you pay those megabucks for every click and you always seem to be getting a little less than you put in, Stop and Consider . Could you be the victim of click fraud?

Pay per click is a 5.6 billion dollar industry in 2005. Industry estimates range between 10% to 40% of this figure to be caused by fraudulent clicks. It adds up to 500 million to 2 billion dollars of advertiser’s precious dollars being wasted. That’s a serious chunk of change, that you the PPC advertiser may be losing! Are we exaggerating the threat?

“Anyone who says this is not a real challenge is kidding you” says Search Engine giant Yahoo’s executive John Slade referring to Click Fraud.

According to a Newsweek article, Google and Yahoo are struggling to adjust the definition of “good-faith click” and their policies, and methods of preventing this new type of fraud. While you are paying serious cash to Google and Yahoo, and they are “adjusting definitions”, should you not ask yourself “Can I afford that loss of profitabity?” After all, it is your money. You may just be wasting 10%, 20% . even 40% of it to all the fraudsters .

How can such scum get away with their crime? Most E-Commerce entrepreneurs don’t know about the existence of this kind of drain on their advertising budgets . Of the people who do know that their marketing budgets is getting depleted , many don’t know that there is a way to fight back. They think it’s too expensive to fight back, and way too technical. Cheaper to pay these pirates and highway men than to take steps to stop this crime. It’s like tolerating merchandize theft. If steps are not taken to minimize it, it can destroy any business! Sadly, others who do end up fighting back, often choose expensive solutions that may or may not fix their problems but ultimately costs them serious ca dollarh. Every day, every month.

Imagine if you could track your visitors to see if this person coming into your site would buy or not, even as she comes to the first page. You could tell if she is a competitor out to deplete your budget, a disgruntled former employee out to make you waste your money or an AdSense fraud out to prey on you. And what if it’s a legitimate user who is a qualified prospect ? Is she finding her experience a good one? Is she frustrated because she wants something, information or a particular item for purchase but is unable to buy. Is she so confused that she may just walk out on you by clicking away to another website?

Knowledge is power. What if you had the ultimate knowledge about your site visitor. Would you not have the ultimate power to improve your business? On an hourly basis if the need arose! Such knowledge could provide you the data to combat click fraud and to provide proof to Google that you are being defrauded. You could be collecting refund checks for up to 30% or even more for all the money wasted on these fraudsters. This could not only save you money by separating the frauds from the paying customers, this would allow you to know what your customers really want. And giving it to them!

We at Sofizar provide you with just such knowledge. But we do a lot better than that.we monitor your site and collect proof of you getting click defrauded. Our alarms trigger automatically and we manually verify that there is a problem. We are very mindful of our credibility with Google, so we present your case whenever we are genuinely convinced that the level of fraud is sufficient to warrant action. Once we reach that level, we take your case and pursue it, to our best effort. Additionally, the data that we acquire is always transparent. You can view it anytime and make appropriate decisions(such as request google to shut off a certain adsense publisher).

If you want the peace of mind to know that you are not spinning your advertising wheels you have to try out our click fraud service . And we are so confident in our ability to exceed expectations that we offer Performance Based Service. Here’s what you will get:

a) An account with us, where we will set up your website with software to track visitors to your website. On our guaranteed secure, dedicated server.

b) Access to customizable reports that let you see the data that you want to see.

c) Unlimited email support.

d) A daily emailed report tracking the qualified users as well as the fraudsters.

e) Call back phone support.

You never have to pay unless we recover money or credits for you from the search engines. We will monitor your website, ferret out fraudulent clicks and prepare documentation to present to the search engine. You pay us ONLY when you receive refund or when you spend the credit from a search engine.

Limited Time Offer : If you sign up for this free service before May 1st 2005, we will waive all setup charges .

Bonus Offer : For a Limited time, we are including website Analytics and (Opt-in) Email tracking free for our PPC Click Fraud Clients.

Why Buy Click Fraud Services From Sofizar?

1> We use our own Web Analytics Engine to track visitors to your site. We can track a level of detail about your visitors that most of our competitors can not match. In their dreams. We have a statistical scoring algorithm qualified by Neural Nets based on 25+ criteria. Result: Sophisticated Click Fraud Detection.

2> We provide you Free “Web Analytics Services”* . You can track your “conversion”, the countries of your visitors and the results of your email campaigns.

3> We provide “Free Setup”*. No need to pay those dollar100 or dollar200 just to tag your site. We do it for you.

4> We provide guaranteed 48 hour support.

5> We are Pay For Performance. Would you rather pay someone dollar79/month without any tangible ROI or would you pay us a reward for saving you your money?

For more information about click fraud visit: http://www.sofizar.com/click-fraud.php

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