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Are you using any traffic blasters, I was and here are my results, I was not happy with performance and here’s why.

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Why Blasters Disapoint and Don’t Work.



A Safelist Blaster is formed of 1000s of Safelists usually with hundreds of members in each. Usually The Safelist admin will submit a Safelist to the blaster in the hope to inflate Safelist numbers.


To the marketer the Safelist Blaster offers the opportunity to reach 100 000s of email boxes spam free and within a matter of minutes. Which really sounds inviting and some what exciting


At first the thought of reaching 100 000s of customers is very appealling and exciting but after a few days the reality kicks in.

The majority of Safelists on the list are old.

The members who signed up on the blaster like your self are on all safelists (say theres 2000) for example you send an email to entire blaster and like you another member is signed up on all 2000 there for that member receives your email 2000 times.

The majority of Safelists are full of stale members, when a member leaves the Blaster there name stays on all the safelists and unless the admin is honest the member stays on each safelist.

The majority of participating members are using the blaster aswell (becomes obvious as you receive there message 1000s of times) and are also using a private mailbox which cleans email regularly (I was dumping mine every 4 hours) so most email goes unread.

To receive all the email you will need a large email box, mine was costing me as much as the blaster membership.

The only email you will be sending is plain text, HTML is virtually gone or impossible, you will only be sending plain email and no point based emails, in my experience point based email is much more responsive, but I know I cheat with my point based email, I open between 50-100 emails at a time and wait for the timers to finish.

As you can see I am not a real fan I now stick to 5-6 point based safelists.



Well they are what they sound like, write a short piece about your website and submit your piece to millions of blogs at the click of a button.


To blast your advertisement to millions of potential customers within minutes.


All Blogs require registration, your email and details,
The blog blaster doesn’t do that of course.

I imagine the constant spamming of blogs infuriated a lot of admins.

Blog Blasters are old and don’t work.



Often claiming to reach 100s of millions of email boxes, sound really good and promising, type your message and click a button to send message to millions.


To reach millions of clients with a click of the button, bringing millions of hits to your site.


Well I have no idea who these millions are but I personally found 80 assorted blasters (each claiming over 1 million members) and used these for one week straight for curiosity sake, I placed a tracker on each blast, to my disapointment not a single hit resulted.


While some of these examples are disapointing I am sure there are some that work, just be careful of the hype surrounding a traffic blaster and always test your new means of advertising.

Jason Godwell.

I give permission to copy this article but only in its complete form and with a link to my site.

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