Title: free traffic, free website, free business, can I succeed

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free business, free traffic, free website,
can I use all these to make dollars on the web.
list of all freebies are on the site.

Own a blog
Own a Safelist
Own a directory

Add ons.
Shout Boxes.
Chat Boards.

SEO Help.
Free Submissions.
Free Site Ranking.
Free Link Check.

and lots more.

free websites, free traffic, free blogs, free chat boxes, free safelists, free business

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About 6 months ago, I stumbled upon The Surf Craze (Auto Surf and Manual Surf) and I was surprised to see this kind of advertising, So I picked my self a small website or affiliate site and added it to as many surf sites as possible and I would spend hours with as many windows open as possible jumping from site to site trying to surf as many as possible in return for my site to be seen and receive hits (with out much success), then I seen this other site something about these safelists, So I jumped on board the safelist craze, I luckily found some of the better safelists and signed up to about 5 and I was bombarded by offers”make a million” “email 700 000 000 members spam free” “blast 2000 000 blogs” “your ad’ seen by millions” after reading all these great emails I jumped on board a few and purchased a few websites, “I was going to be a millionaire in NO TIME, after all that was “Promised”, so I started using all these great blasters and safelists (surfing was over now).
I am/was a couple hundred dollars down now and had nothing to show, apart from 100s of ebooks, a few blasters and some websites, so I purchased some scripts and set up multiple websites, BUT still no traffic from all these blasters and apparent “millions of emails sent”.
So I stooped and thought what a crock and then came the “email blasters” I subscribed to 5-6 different email blasters (each one bragged a total 0f 2000 plus safelists and millions of combined members) I was spending hours upon hours signing up to safelists and confirming addresses, finding larger email boxes, This time I was set to make money (apparent Millions as promised) after all I was sending apparently close to a BILLION emails and blogs a day, BUT still no response.

So here I am today a little wiser and subscription free, promoting my new website based on all free products, sites, software, hosting, domain names, websites, add ons, scripts and of course a lot of free advertising, trying to see what I can do for free and only using freebies gathered from the net.

Of course traffic is building up and I may have to invest in an upgrade to handle the traffic, so I may have to dip into my pockets after all.


Safelist Blasters:
End up getting spammed daily or more by Safelist Host.
Most email ends up in trash by auto cleaners.

Assorted “million email blasters”
Go to no-one and waste of cash.
Who are those millions of recipients?

Blog Blaster.
Claimed to reach 2 million blogs, but only reaches 500 max’ per blast.
Most/all blogs require registration and confirmation anyway.

Classified Blaster.
Required the same as above.
Most/all Classifieds require registration.

Written by Jason Godwell.

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