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It doesn’t matter what business or investment you are looking at…it all comes down to analyzing a few key factors.
The higher each of these factors rate with you, plus the combination of them all, the better your potential for return.
Industry – Is the business’s industry expanding or contracting?
Trends – Will you be ahead or behind the trends?
Timing – Are you early or late in the product & industry life cycle?
Products – Do they provide value for money to the end user?
Uniqueness – Does the company have any exclusivity, patents, etc?
Demand – How big is the market for the products & services?
Longevity – How long could the products last in the market?
Future – Are there more products “in the pipeline”?
Competition – Who else are you marketing against?
Profitability – Are there good profit margins?
Compensation – How much can you earn?
ROI – How soon can you return your initial investment?
Leverage – Do YOU have to do all the work or can you earn overrides?
Company – How long have they been in business?
Management – Who’s running the company?
Legality – Does the company trade legally in all aspects?
Public or Private – Is the company listed on the Stock Market?
Marketing – How, what, why, when, where?
Global or Local – Does the company market worldwide or only local?
Internet – Are they “On the Net” and E-Commerce enabled?
Tools – Are you supplied with business tools to make your life easier?
Training – Will you be trained?
Commitment – how much time and/or money is required from you?
Lifestyle – Will you be able to live the lifestyle you planned?
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