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Everyone prefers getting a recommendation for a product or a service. It means they don’t have to do the research themselves, or find out whether or not it’s for them through trial and error, shouldering all the risk. For example, if you’re looking for a good dentist, you’re more likely to ask someone you know and trust who they go to before you’ll look one up online or in the yellow pages, right?
The same goes for your business. And you’ll get HIGHER QUALITY clients and customers through referrals than any other method. So here are three super simple ways for you to help your current clients and customers tell others about you using the Tell-A-Friend strategy.
1. Simply add a sentence or two to the bottom of each issue of your ezine or any other freebie offering (pink spoon) you have. Something like:
We grow by recommendation! If you enjoyed this issue, we’d love it if you’d pass the word. Do so by forwarding this to a friend and inviting them to subscribe at the link (above/below).
You can embellish or simplify this according to your personality. See my own wording at the bottom of this ezine.
2. Put a Tell-A-Friend (TAF) feature on your sign-up thank you page.
A formal Tell-A-Friend software can help you make it super simple for people to tell a friend about you and your product or service. Some shopping cart systems and web hosts offer this feature, so be sure to check yours and start utilizing it now to help build your list.
If your current vendors don’t offer this feature, I highly recommend TAFPro for this. This software has a one-time only fee (it’s inexpensive), plus a very reasonable installation charge if you need help from the very customer service friendly Paul Galloway, the owner.
To see an example of this in action, visit my ‘thank you’ page for signing up for this ezine at:
Just so you know, though, TAFPro doesn’t work with websites that are hosted with GoDaddy.com. As an alternate for GoDaddy.com users, you can try Will Master Craig’s CGI script at:
If you don’t already have technical support of your own, Will Master will install it for you. I haven’t used his script myself, so you might want to ask around about it a bit first.
(3) Having installed a Tell-A-Friend module, use it to implement a contest with prizes.
Using any of the Tell-A-Friend module, you can easily take the next step and use the contest management feature in the software and create a contest page to send out to your existing subscriber list. To see an example of what I mean, visit:
(note: this contest is NOT running – at least not yet… 🙂 It’s just an example.)
Obviously, you’ll want to tailor this page to your own needs and brand but it should give you an idea of how the Tell-A-Friend module can really encourage people to point others in your direction.
Referrals are usually more qualified prospects for your funnel, which is exactly what you want. Pick one of the techniques of using the Tell-A-Friend module and implement it in your business today.
Copyright 2005 Alicia Forest


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