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Everyday I see more and more affiliates making the same mistakes. The worst part is that they?re just doing what they?re taught by the so-called ?experts.?
It?s no shock to me that 95% of affiliates make no money. The problem isn?t that some people are just ?better? than others ? the problem is just the way the 95% are running their business. That?s why I?m going to diagnose the 6 most common mistakes AffiliateClassroom.com sees affiliates making everyday.
The 6 Mistakes you better learn to avoid like the plague:
1. Not Building For Search Engines:
If you?re an affiliate and want to be successful at it, you better learn to make search engines your best friend. Search engines are a better source for long-term, targeted and FREE traffic. Make sure to build your site in clean HTML coding, provide good content and optimize all your pages (not just the home page).
I firmly believe that all affiliates need to study search engine optimization closely. If you want to learn how to optimize websites quickly without spending years studying, check out my ?push-button? system at http://www.DominateSearchEngines.com
2. Not Enough Text ? Too Many Banners:
This might be the #1 problem ? I come across hundreds of these sites almost daily. Think back to why ?YOU?RE? online ? to find information right? What good are banners to you? Do banners provide you any good information? Absolutely not.
Don?t get me wrong, I don?t discourage using banners ? I just say to only use them after you have content on your website. And stick to just 1 or 2 banners. The goal here is to hook someone with good content, then urge them to click the banner to learn more. Don?t just slop up a bunch of banners and expect to become a super affiliate?
3. Promoting Only One Product:
This was something I learned from Ken Envoy and it made no sense to me until I tried it. Let?s use an example to illustrate: Let?s say you?re looking for a car and you ask someone ?Hey, which one should I buy?? Would you rather have the person show you 3, give you the positives and negatives and then ?suggest? a car or just shove one of them down your throat and refuse to talk about anything else?
I think the answer is clear ? you much rather have someone RECOMMEND something. So, do the same on your websites ? let your consumer choose what link they click on (your conversions will go through the roof).
4. Not Giving Away FREE Products:
Another mistake I see done on almost 98% of the websites I visit ? they have absolutely no viral marketing build into their system. If you want to hook someone and build loyalty, put some of your best information into a small PDF ? give it away for free and watch your sales and traffic multiply. NOTE: This is a more long-term strategy so be patient?
5. Hard-Selling:
If you know anything about affiliate marketing, then you?ve heard of ?PRE-SELL? ? well it?s a shocker that most people never use it. PRE-SELL is when you warm up to your visitor with some good content and information and then slowly ?recommend? them to buy something.
I also never thought this would work until I tried it. Hard-selling is what your merchant should be doing, you, however, should avoid it at all costs.
6. Too Much Going On?
This mistake is a bit related to the ?Too many banners? mistake. I can?t even begin to tell you how many times I have WANTED to buy something but just couldn?t find the right link to do it.
Some affiliate websites have a million things going on ? the reader gets so confused that they hit the back button and ?poof,? never come back. Keep your pages targeted and clean ? go for ONE goal ? to get the click over to the merchant(s) you?re promoting.
Golden Rule: The more you show them, the more confused they get.
I highly suggest reading those 6 again ? they are very important to master if you want to become a super affiliate one day. Even I am going back to my old projects and still fixing my mistakes ? they?re all over the place. But, the second I fix them, I see an enormous difference, you will too.
Copyright 2005 Anik Singal

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