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A few things I?ve learned about doing business on the Internet!
I?ve learned that there are more programs, and e-books available than I have money to purchase.
I?ve learned that many, many of the programs and e-books are simply a rehash of another program, or e-book.
I?ve learned that there are many different sites where by joining a program as a free member. Most, but not all of the e-books that I?ve spent my money to purchase; can be downloaded for free.
I?ve learned that some, not all of the e-books that can be purchased are a total waste of time.
I?ve learned that it is possible to download so many e-books; that either they don?t get read, or you?ll spend so much time reading them that you don?t get anything else done.
I?ve also learned that some of the ideas expressed in some of them are so important, that if you don?t take the time to read them; you?ll be spending not only dollars, but time needlessly.
I?ve learned: that you can spend so much time promoting so many different products; that none of the promotions get enough time to be successful. That shotgun marketing is a losing proposition.
I?ve learned there are more Internet Gurus than I have time to study, and they got that way because they focused their energy.
I?ve learned that no matter how attractive the next program, e-book appears; that you must narrow your vision to the one best program you have in your arsenal, and give it 100% of your energy if you expect to succeed.
I?ve learned that without an opt-in list, you?re dead.
And last, and most important: I?ve learned; you must discover your niche, and work it until it?s a success?

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