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This is a relatively new course by Patrick Lanoux that boasts a 100% automated system that can start earning you money within 15 minutes. These are some pretty hefty claims so let’s see how The Affiliate Cash Vault stacks up…
After signing up for The Affiliate Cash Vault you will get access to a members only site where you can download the course and some tools and tutorials. Of these you will get a list of the highest paying keywords and the secret to cashing in on them, a detailed tutorial on pay per click advertising, very effective low cost advertising, and more.
And you will learn how all of this can be done without a website of your own. Of course if you do have a website you will also be given a pre designed webpage template that is designed to pull in profit, and you will be shown how to make your webpage rich with relevent content without having to do a thing yourself.
Patrick goes into great detail about everything including what accounts you will need to sign up for, how to set them up, how to find profitable niches, and how to generate huge lists of profitable keywords. Screenshots are included along the way and Patrick also gives you his personal e-mail address so that he can help you if you get stuck.
We do have some minor gripes about The Affiliate Cash Vault. First of all the sales page makes everything sound easier than it really is. We didn’t make money within 15 minutes and we seriously doubt you will either.
Second, the course goes into incredible detail about the simplest things like setting up a basic Adwords and Adsense account. It would be like the owners manual of a new computer writing a whole chapter on how to plug the computer in and turn it on.
The Affiliate Cash Vault is cheaper than most of the competition though, and contains some killer techniques that we found in other ebooks costing more than twice the price of The Affiliate Cash Vault. One technique in this ebook alone will pay for itself many times over. While making money with this may not be quite as simple as the author has you believe, it certainly is possible within a day or two.
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