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What is one thing that separates the leading affiliate marketers from the rest?
They show TLC ? tender loving care ? towards their downline members.
This may sound very ?touchy-feely?, but TLC is a real business imperative. If you ignore the intellectual, financial or emotional needs of your affiliate downline, you do so at your own cost.
TLC means using accessible language ? writing in a way that others can understand. This requires you to break down complex concepts and processes and describe them in simple terms so that the average person-on-the-Net can understand them. If you use Internet Marketing jargon, you need to explain the terms you use ? not assume everyone understands them.
TLC involves making yourself accessible to your affiliate downline members by phone, email, chat rooms, instant messenger, teleclasses and/or teleconferences.
TLC is visible when you promote collaborative learning and sharing through your affiliate forum and when you model appropriate behaviour such as genuinely welcoming new comers to the affiliate program.
TLC is recognisable when you are generous in sharing what works for you, what you have found helpful and the mistakes you have made.
TLC is encouraging and supportive. It is reflected when you express understanding of the emotional and financial needs of your downline members through comments such as:
* ?You might have difficulty writing articles, so here is some hints on where to start??
* ?You might not have the money for Overture or other Pay per Click options, but have you tried these free classified ad sites??
* ?You may not have your own website yet, but you could easily create a blog in the meantime??
TLC is responsive – prompt replies and assistance communicate understanding and valuing others. Requests for information and assistance frequently come from affiliates who are ?at a loss?, frustrated or feeling helpless. If you can respond quickly to their request for help, you will redress their emotional state and, at the same time, create increased positive regard for yourself.
TLC shines through when you show something of yourself – your own humanity and vulnerability. Affiliates need to appreciate that you too are only human, that you make mistakes and wrong decisions. They also need to know that affiliate marketing is a continuous learning process and that you are an active learner yourself.
A little TLC goes a long way in affiliate marketing.

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