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It is all about advertising.
The online advertising has grown on the Internet and I guess it will continue to grow. I believe that the best online business opportunity at the moment is to take advantage of this.
I will tell you what you need to get started. I will focus on Google as the source for buying and selling advertisements, but there are also other companies available that provide the same services.
You need a website. On the website you will use Google AdSense to “sell” advertisements on your site and you will use Google AdWords to buy advertisements to get visitors. Go to http://money.asplund.nu/links.htm to find the links to AdSense and AdWords.
Please read about AdWords and AdSense so you get a good overview. In short, AdSense is working so that Google will put advertisements on your site that is relevant to your content. If you have a website about diamonds, you will get ads on your site about diamonds. You cannot choose yourself which ads you want to be displayed. You choose the layout and location of the ad, but Google AdSense supplies the content. If a visitor clicks your ad you get paid.
AdWords is an advertising service. You create your own ads and pay per click for visitors coming to your website. You choose where and how the ads should be displayed and you set a daily budget so you can limit your expenses.
The idea behind this online business idea is to get as many visitors as possible for as little cash as possible and then have them click on your hopefully high paying ads.
You cannot create a page with only the purpose to put AdSense ads on it. Google does not allow that. So you need to have a decent content plus offer other services to the user. The users need to have other ways of leaving your site than through your AdSense ads. Example of things to offer: links to other sites on same topic, newsletters and affiliate links.
You need to create a website with a content that have many advertisers. One way to check this is by using Overture’s(Yahoo) “bid tool”. With that tool you can search for a certain word and see the amount an advertiser is ready to pay per click. For example, try to do a search for “home loan” or “student loan”. The figures might differ from Google but it should be fairly similar.
Here are some steps:
1. Find a theme for your website.
2. Create the website. It doesn’t need to be big, but just make sure you do not violate the AdSense guidelines. Best success of course will be if you create a website that people want to bookmark and link to. In the long term that will give you free traffic.
3. Apply for an AdSense and AdWords account. It is free! 🙂
4. Choose AdSense ad formats and put the AdSense code somewhere on your site.
5. Create your own advertisement campaign in AdWords to get visitors to your website. On AdWords you can now buy clicks for only 1 cent.
6. Done!
If everything is in order you might be making money now. But after this you will have to test, test, test and again test different layouts of your AdSense ads and also different ads in AdWords to be able to maximize your profit. There are many factors that will affect your earnings.
Good luck with your online business.
Best regards, Ed

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