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Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Costa Dedes and I have been in the internet business for years now. Recently I have started a small numeric pager company over the internet. This company sells pagers and airtime to customers all over the country. The business is run by myself, no employees I do all the work and collect all the money. The nice thing about the paging business is the fact your have re-occurring payments. This means every month I receive money from my clients and it takes virtually no work on my part once the initial programming and activation of the pager is done. If you are looking into a business venture I recommend you try to find a business with re-occurring payments. You are guaranteed money as long as the customer subscribes, and if you provide good customer service when they need it this can be for years.
This business is an excellent example of people believing there is no way to still make money in a particular market. As everyone probably knows the paging industry has slowed down and everyone is using cell phones now. Well by using specific marketing techniques outlined in Cory’s programs I made it possible to bring back a dieing business and make it profitable.
I advertise on google.com and receive most of my business through them. The adwords program is a monster for marketing. The problems I ran into were I was constantly being outbid for placement. After purchasing the googlecash program I managed to turn the paging company into a cash cow.
If you do a search for paging you will notice Verizon wireless is the first advertiser on adwords. They maybe the first advertiser but now when you click on the site it is very vague and tells you no information about their services including prices and coverage area. Well after doing some research I found they use my paging towers and terminals. So essentially they offer the same services to my customers as I offer. So now the problem many people see is, Verizon Wireless, they are a huge company making billions a year how can it be possible to compete with them. Well with the layout and design of my website including the information I offer my customers feel less pushed into purchasing and feel more comfortable. I have stolen many customers from Verizon due to the lack of their sites ability to provide correct? information.
The purpose of this article is to let you realize even though you may not see a market for a specific item, believe me it is their. Some one is always searching for something. If you do not believe me send me a business idea that you think will never work and I will show you how to make that business take off and become your cash cow.
– Costa Dedes

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