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We all try to give our affiliates the benefit of the doubt, thinking they’ll willingly write up a gleaming review of our product and pitch it to millions. But the truth is, your affiliates have better things to do than create your copy.
If you want results, you must make it easy for your affiliates to put your selling strategy to work. Hire a copywriter to inject energy into your sales pitch and create an urgent need for your product. Then “gift wrap” this information in an easy-to-access format that your affiliates will want to kiss you under the mistletoe for! Here’s how to craft the plan.
Step 1. Create a sales letter.
What? You don’t have a sales letter? Santa’s coming with a lump of coal for your stocking, because EVERY good affiliate must have a sales letter. This will be your most involved aspect of the project and the ultimate sales vehicle, so fill yours with clear-cut product benefits, real testimonials from live customers, and “click to buy now” buttons.
Step 2. Prepare an E-Book Ad.
Did you know that people who give away free e-books frequently add affiliate advertisements to the last few pages? It’s December, and E-books are dropping into email boxes faster than Santa slides down the chimney. If your marketing friend is creating an e-book in a hurry, she needs to be able to grab your promo and pop it in place. Write a snappy headline, a few bullets of copy and include a product image and link to your sales page. Package in a Word file and send ‘er off.
Step 3. HTML-Format an E-Mail Promotion.
Your affiliate may choose to showcase your product alongside of other marketers… nevertheless, it’s a good idea to send them a graphically-enhanced email that does a good job of persuasively selling your e-book. You may even wish to include a personal message addressing the customer. Attaching a text file that contains the ad copy is also a good idea.
Step 4. Create Blog Copy.
How many time have you come across your product showcased in someone else’s blog with NO power headline, NO persuasive copy, NO product benefits and NO love? Do yourself a favor. Start with your own blog, where you can try a few methods and figure out the best way to blow out your offer. Once you nail the favorite, pop this into a Word file with your graphic, and viola, instant blog post for your affilliates to grab and use immediately.
Step 4. Package, Address and Ship.
Write a letter to your affiliates explaining your plan to “streamline” the marketing effort while making things easy on them and bringing increased sales. You must make your sellers understand why the copy and design you’ve provided will increase their sales and bring them more income. Explain in detail exactly how you’d like your ads to appear. Don’t feel that you’re being pushy. YOU worked hard to create this product, and only YOU will promote it with the fever that it takes to pull in profit.
Your affiliates will appreciate the fact that you sent them an easy-to-implement selling strategy, and put it to work in their own marketing materials at once. Not bad, for a holiday rush job.
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