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Let’s blow past all the reasons so many folks despise Eminem. He’s confused about what race he is, he says mean things and he’s sending the wrong message to today’s youth. Sure, we know that Eminem is the quintessential Bad Guy. But let’s take a look at what makes Eminem sticky, like your web marketing personality should be.
Last night, Eminem’s concert was being aired on my TV and I confess I kind of watched some of it while writing articles. I couldn’t help myself; the guy is THAT magnetic. So without further ado, I bring to you… Five Reasons to Emulate Eminem if You Want to Become a Web Guru.
1. Eminem Means What He Says… do YOU?
Right or wrong, Slim Shady is one emphatic dude and that is exactly the way you MUST speak to your audience if you plan to build up to Guru Status. People don’t follow weaklings. People follow leaders who are 100% sure of what they say. The best way to show your self-assurance is to PREACH, PREACH and PREACH some more. Never doubt yourself, at least not out in public. I mean never!
2. Eminem Loves to Stir Up Controversy… do YOU?
Who’s blog are you going to read; the wishy washy mouth breather’s who parrots and whines all day? Or the guy who makes people sit up straight and take notice because he states his opinion and is ready to whip out his debate guns if the need arises? Be a little bit controversial in your web content if you can. Of course, unlike Eminem, a marketing professional should never be out to hurt or offend people with hateful talk. But you must have your own thoughts, and all the better if a few of them challenge the status quo. Be a ground breaker!
3. Eminem Is Lyrical… are YOU?
Don’t let those goofy lounge suits and the profanity fool you. Rappers are geniuses in their own right– lyrical geniuses, that is. When was the last time you freestyle-rhymed a barrage of well-executed insults at a buddy and blew away the crowd of onlookers? Um, probably never? LYRICAL is exactly what you NEED to be when writing web copy for your business website. Your copy should have rhythm, steady beat, perfect pacing, alliteration, clever wordplay and original phrases. Heck, you can even bust a rhyme from time to time like the rappers, poets and songwriters do. If you can’t create it yourself, hire a professional to create engaging copy that’s so tight it’s on springs… and just like those pop lyrics, it positively SINGS.
4. Eminem Can Put the Crowd Under a Spell… can YOU?
I nearly became hypnotized myself while watching Eminem put his audience in a trance this weekend. Charm and disarm your web visitors and fans like Em does. Be intense! Get a harness on your power to whip up the energy in a room (or web forum) and move people to action. Get control of your copy. Whip your website into tip-top shape, with an emotional pull that your reader cannot resist. It takes charisma, persuasion and sheer will power to put what you preach into common practice. Take your cue from Marshall Mathers and start converting those admirers of yours into loyal paying customers any and every way you can!
5. Eminem Does Dead-Ringer Impressions of Other People… do YOU?
Ever listen to Eminem pretending to be someone from a foreign country, doing a “Valley girl” impression or making fun of the way politicians speak? Blasphemous as that may be, that means he has an ear for how people speak – their tone, their inflection, the emotion behind their words. You must possess this same talent of “emulating” others if you want to sell things on the web and be good at it. Each product that you sell in your lifetime must effectively speak the customer’s language, talk his talk, walk his walk and essentially BE the customer, speaking through your product. If you’re a natural imitator, you’ll no doubt excel in direct marketing and up your Crowd Wow Factor.
6. Eminem Emotionally Connects With the Audience… Do YOU?
You MUST engage your reader if you want him to keep coming back for more. Just like Eminem makes every single person in his audience FEEL SOMETHING with his intense, emotionally-stirring lyrics… just like Eminem reaches out to touch the crowd with his own hand… you must reach out and touch your audience with your words.
In your copy, you must produce the desire for your product by tapping the needs of your audience. The words on your page should make the reader feel like you understand him so well that you’re practically best friends. He must agree with what you say to the point of being utterly convinced that you can provide the solutions he’s searching for better than the next guy.
So are you content with your Crowd-Wow Factor, and ready to become a Bona Fide Web Guru? Then take your lessons from that disturbing rapper guy, Eminem… and start converting fans into loyal customers as soon as TOMORROW.
Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.
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