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Marketing Gift Idea 1: Give Your Subscribers a Free E-Book.
People make e-books seem much more difficult than they are. If you can write articles, do this. Set your mind to the task, write five short ones right now and pop the text into one file. Add an attractive cover, a short cover letter, your logo, copyright and contact email. Save as a PDF, upload to your server and create an email that links to the pdf so your readers can download. That’s all there is to it!
Marketing Gift Idea 2: Create a Christmas Wish List for Your Network.
Offer your networking pals a little stress-relief this chaotic holiday season. Tack up a “Web Marketer’s Wish List” that you plan on submitting to “Santa,” then sit back and wait for the reactions and funny comments. If your Wish List fills up with great content, inform the group that you plan to post it on your website and include everyone’s names and URLs. What a fun way to give away some free exposure and have a few Christmas chuckles.
Marketing Gift Idea 3: Give Your Subscribers a Plan of Action.
By FAR, the biggest obstacle web marketers face is making a plan and then carrying it out. Your readers will regard you as a Marketing God or Goddess if you give them what they desperately need: a plan of action! Do a little brainstorming, come up with a generic marketing plan, list instructions so your marketers will know exactly how it’s done, and then package in a pdf file that your readers can download and put to use right away as they grow their businesses.
Marketing Gift Idea 4: Give Your Subscribers a List of Resources.
Remember when you were that new marketer and you didn’t have a clue? I’ll bet that you crossed paths with someone who quickly became your ultimate web marketing hero because they gave you what you desperately needed: resources. Now’s your time to pay it forward. Help a newbie marketer who needs some direction and win the admiration of someone who just could become a future customer.
Bonus Tip: What You MUST DO to Put this Plan in Motion.
Okay, here’s the final and most important part of your Holiday Gift-Giving Plan. You MUST leverage the power of communication. Tell everyone you meet what you’ll give them if they sign up to be on your subscriber list. Do it at the end of every post you write. Include your message on your home page and in your blog posts. Add it to the bottom of your emails. It’s your job to get the word out.
Example: “Learn Secret Strategies All the Pro Marketers Use… Sign up for the Wordfeeder.com Email Newsletter and You’ll Receive Your First F*ree E-Book in Our Holiday Gift-Giving Spree. Just drop your email address into the box at the bottom of the http://Wordfeeder.com Home Page.”
Okay, so are you ready to go on your own giving spree? Great. Here’s to your holiday marketing success!
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