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I sat at the lunch table, turning every shade of red the mind could conjure up. I had to do something, and do it fast.
My aunt was chaperoning my eighth grade class on a field trip to the local amusement park. Then she did it…
As we finished eating our lunch, my aunt wrapped up a half eaten hamburger in a napkin, and promptly stashed it in her purse.
As everyone at the table looked at me and started to laugh, I instinctively kicked out my friend’s chair. As he fell to the ground, milk shot out of his nose, inciting a roar of laughter. I had saved my aunt from any further ridicule amongst my peers, for this day at least.
I loved my aunt, but she refused to waste anything, and this sometimes caused me a great deal of embarrassment.
Once I started marketing online, I realized my aunt was on to something. In order to succeed as an online marketer, you can’t afford to ‘waste’ anything.
You have to utilize every resource available to you, and leverage these resources to help you grow your business.
One such resource is your customer “thank you” page.
When a customer orders a product or service, they are usually sent to an order confirmation page.
Most marketers have a few sentences expressing their gratitude and a contact email.
Are you making this same mistake?
This lack of imagination is costing you dozens of new customers every month.
The people who read these pages are coveted prospects who are willing to spend money.
There are countless marketers in your niche who would relish the opportunity to pitch their product to your customers.
For years, many savvy marketers have been swapping thank you page promotions with one another. They are adding new customers to their businesses, without very much effort.
You can jump on this money train as well, with two simple steps:

Find a suitable partner to swap promotions with
Then simply add his/her ad to your ‘thank you’ page

If you are unable to find any willing partners, you can always place related affiliate ads on your page. (Remember these are hot prospects who are interested in your niche).
There is now even a free service to help you exchange “thank you” page promotions.
ThankYouAds.com – http://www.thankyouads.com
By using this service, you simply paste a little snippet of code onto your page and you are done.
For every ad you show on your page, your ad will be displayed on another member’s thank you page as well.
Now you have no excuses not to implement this powerful technique immediately.
Remember, you must maximize all of your resources to help your business grow, all it takes is a little imagination on your part.
Copyright 2005 Jason Tarasi

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