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The autoresponder is probably the best thing that ever happened for marketing. But here’s another way you can use your autoresponder and it’s a great way to further justify the monthly payments if you’re paying one. Many of us find it difficult to remember dates, or if you’ve bought a great home study course to stay with it or just plain motivation. I know personally I’ve wished for a personal assistant and while nothing can replace live help and a savvy assistant, you can use an autoresponder to help you over when you can’t afford an assistant e.g. or for more personal stuff.
When you first come to a place like http://www.auctionstrategists.com/special, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed by the amount of resources and help available. You suddenly have a sinking feeling how you’re going to digest all of this and put them to work right? Relax. First, go through an overview, run through the website and it’s resources once and get a bird’s eye view on everything that’s happenning, what’s available to you and where you’d like to start first. Map them out if you want on a piece of paper. Then make yourself a private list in your autoresponder service and start putting in follow up messages for yourself. Figure out how many days you want to give yourself time to complete one task to another. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just something like Day 1 – Map plan of attack, a day later listen to this audio, 2 days later read and apply that ebook, 5 days later do something else. The whole idea is to create yourself your own little robot helper to remind you. Sure you can do this in some other format like if you have a electronic calendar or a day planner but for many people email is the best form of reminder and at this point what you want to do is get started.
Because Auction Strategists is dynamic, we’re constantly adding resources, courses etc don’t worry. Stay with your charted plan and simply add the new resources to the end of your autoresponder. If you don’t have an autoresponder, try SendFree. The free account is sufficient until you decide for more serious marketing (at which time you can try a service like http://moms.aweber.com.

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