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Step number three is really simple and one that is probably overlooked by many writers, myself included until recently. Steps one and two are finished. The topic is selected based upon demand and all key words have been dutifully research.
Some writers? next action is to write the content and then to write the title. Other writers tend to write the title first and then focus all the content towards that title. Whatever your writing style, the title is extremely important as it ?hooks? potential readers, but what about ?potential visitors??
Do you believe that you have found a terrific, exceptional title for your article? This title is ?going to create incredible interest? or as some say it is a ?Killer Headline.? I know I have had that belief. In reviewing my own earlier articles, I discovered that some of those ?Killer titles? were really duds when it came to uniqueness within the Internet arena. I forgot WRITING HINT #3. The Internet is a vast resource of information where many people have had similar thoughts and have also shared them.
If I wanted to drive traffic to my site through article distribution as well as to track my marketing efforts through such activities, I needed to be able to quickly locate my article by typing in the exact title between open and closed quotation marks. For example one of my earlier titles was ?Say It Ain?t So? which I still believe is a good title given the content. However, it is not a good title to drive traffic to my site because there were over 500,000 hits on this title. I was one of a half a million.
During these past five months, I have learned a lot and now one action I consistently take is to research my title. This intentional action ensures that at that time of article submission my title is one of a kind.
Of course a unique title is only one part of the equation. The other 4 steps that will follow in the following days will also help to improve the quality of your articles and thus increase the Internet traffic to your web site.
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