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One of the goals of most marketers today is to create a consistent monthly income which requires little or no effort on their part. This was usually accomplished through residual income programs like mlm?s or network marketing programs.
Lately, these methods seem to have fallen out of favor because of the difficulty in recruiting and maintaining downlines.
With the popularity of Adsense and other PPC programs webmasters could now create an extra revenue stream simply by adding some code to their sites and getting visitors to click on the ads.
Some of these webmasters began pulling in large sums each and every month. Actually the amount of money they were earning was closing in on the salaries of some CEO?s of medium to large corporations.
The formula was very simple. They provided good content on basic templates and added the code. They then drove traffic to their sites. A click through ratio of only a few percent would net some good profits.
No more dealing with irate customers or queries about products?they just came and clicked.
One underused method of creating theses large income streams was the use of Blogs with high paying keywords. Some bidders were paying up to $80 for a single click.
Some savvy marketers started providing lists of high paying keywords for a substantial one time payment.
This allowed the little guy to use free Blogs and high paying keywords to create their own personal cash cows.
Since Blogs were easier to get listed on the SE?s than regular sites they were the vehicle of choice. They could also be listed in RSS Directories were people would subscribe to their feeds.
You could build a blog in a few minutes, list it in these directories and have traffic coming in droves ready to click on your adsense ads in no time.
What a boon!
It?s time for you to jump on this bandwagon. It?s the new gold rush and it?s easy to learn and do. The only downside is the need to update content frequently. But if you have let?s say, 50 Blogs, earning you an average of $5 per day each, do the math, I think it?s worth the effort.

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