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Do you really need to have your own website?
So you want to sell something on the internet.
OK. What are you going to sell? Do you have your own product?
Every one tells us that to make a real success selling on the net, you need to have your own product. They are quite right. I agree with them.
What do you do if you don’t have your own product set up and ready to go?
You do what most shopkeepers do? They sell someone else?s product.
As a general rule, a shopkeeper purchases goods from a warehouse or manufacturer and sells them on to the general public. He/She takes all of the risks involved. ie.
Will I be able to sell enough to cover my overheads?
Will the stock go bad before I have time to sell it?
How many hours a day/week must I spend looking after it?
Can I do it all myself, or should I employ staff.
What about the book-keeping and all the other paperwork?
Do I know enough to do it myself or do I employ an accountant?
No wonder so many one man businesses go under.
Unlike the high street shopkeeper. Trading on the internet, selling other people’s products, there is no need to actually purchase the goods that you intend to sell. Neither do you need the expensive overheads of the high street trader.
To get yourself up-and-running, There is good money to be made operating one or more affiliate programs.
Everything will be set up for you, ready to start trading. You will be provided with a professionally designed website, ready to take orders and cream off your commissions into your bank account.
All that you have to do is to advertise your website to anyone who will take the time to look or listen.
Don’t expect to make a living with just one affiliate program.
It doesn’t work that way. So many people get depressed when at the end of the month there has only been perhaps less than $100 paid into their bank account.
No matter what the owners of these programs say, they don?t expect every one of their affiliates to make a full time living with just their program.
If you make $100 per month, they make about $125 themselves.
If you multiply this by the number of affiliates on their books. (Perhaps 100, 500,) or even in some cases several thousand. You can see how you are contributing to their
total income.
You can make this system work for you. There is nothing to say that you can only operate one affiliate program. You can operate as many as you like.
All you have to do is to sign up to as many programs that you believe will bring you the income that you desire.
Once you have an affiliate program started and advertising in as many ways as you can. It should be bringing in about $200,-?300, per month.
It takes little more time or money to run a dozen affiliate programs as it does to run one.
You decide how much you want to earn. You decide how much time and energy you are prepared to put into your business.
I can assure you that you will not have the worry and the stress of running a high street shop and your business will be operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide.
Do your research. Don’t sign up to the first affiliate program that you come across. Be selective. There are literally thousands of them out there.
Choose those that have been in business for a number of years.
They are less likely to suddenly close and leave you high and dry.
If they ask you for money to join their program, I suggest that you leave them alone. A good program will not expect you to pay to sell their goods.
Take your time and only deal with the best of the best.
Money is there to be made. It’s up to you to claim your share.
All that it needs is a bit of hard work to get it all set up. Plus perseverance to keep it going.
Robert J Farey.
(robjfar) w/c 690.

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