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I, myself, being an internet marketing ?newbie? (endearing term used to refer to people who have just started their own internet business and don?t know what the —- they are doing) have learned a few things and would like to share my observations, tribulations, and triumphs with my fellow ?newbies?. In sharing my experiences I hope I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls and obstacles you will face. Let?s try to avoid some of those ?Information Overload? headaches as well. I don?t want you to walk through the same mud puddle if I can point it out and help you avoid it.
First, in the article which is Part 1, I will list some important ?DO?s?. Part 2 will cover the DON?Ts.

Do take your time, one step at a time. Do understand that building your business is not something than can be done in a matter of days, not even months in most cases. It?s going to take time, lots of time.
Do practice Patience! I know it?s not one of my virtues either and it?s really hard to put into practice, but to save your sanity, try to be patient!
Do understand in the beginning you will be suffocated with so much information and resources your head will hurt (that?s where the Information Overload headache comes from) and you will not know which direction to take first. You?ll just be spinning your wheels if you try to go off into 20 different directions at once. Remember, concentrate on one thing at a time!
Do use your best judgment when weeding through all of the information. Throw away the obvious hype and keep what you feel is resourceful and useful.
Do make it a goal to accomplish one task each day. Later when you can handle it add one or two more tasks. Progress slowly.
Do look for free resources, there?s plenty out there on the internet to help you build and promote your business. There?s also a lot of hype and misinformation and just plain bad information, so definitely use number 4.
Do join some good internet marketing forums. You will find a lot of advice and tips on how to promote your business. Many people there are also ?newbies? and you can bounce ideas off of each other. Many will post what has worked or hasn?t worked for them. Learn from the internet marketing experts, they were in your shoes at one time, benefit from their experiences.
Do file and organize the information you receive for retrieval later on. Organize your email by creating folders to keep information categorized and easy to find. Keep a log in Microsoft Excel with all of your affiliate ID?s, affiliate URL?s, and memberships.
Do learn some basic HTML code. This will make it easier for you to change, delete, and make any additions to your website. If you don?t know how to add a link to your website then how will you exchange links with other websites to increase your search engine rankings. Go to http://www.htmlgoodies.com and take their basic HTML tutorial. Read my article titled ?Why You Should Learn HTML? on my Articles and News page at http://www.profitfromhomebiz.com
Do realize that it?s going to take a lot of work and time to establish your business. Especially, a business on the internet. It?s not an auto-pilot business. You will probably spend more hours working at this business than you would a regular 9 to 5 job.
Chances are you are new to internet marketing, so study and learn as much as you can before you just jump in. Know what to expect and be prepared.
Do realize that having an internet business is just like having a business in the ?real? world. You need to have a plan, you need to advertise, and you must have a budget.
Do download the ?30 Days to Success? E-book written by Stone Evans. You can find a free copy on my website at http://www.profitfromhomebiz.com. You will need to provide your name and email address which will subscribe you to my Home Business Tips Newsletter (which is full of internet marketing tips and articles), and then you can download the E-book. It gives you a day by day guide on how to promote your business online. It?s an invaluable tool!
Do believe in yourself and your abilities. Believe in your success!

I divided this article into two parts so you would not fall asleep trying to read the whole article at once. Part 1 of this article has covered the DO?s for the internet marketing newbie. Part 2 of the article will cover the DON?Ts. Be on the lookout for the part 2

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