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Making your web based business transparent gains your cusotmers confidience.
Many business owners think they should keep their company activity far away from the competitor’s eyes. They are hiding the company events from the outside world thinking that thus they will protect themselves from something. This is a big mistake. Tell everyone what you are doing. Tell everyone that your company is alive. Publish your events, plans, parties and new product releases on your website and you will tell everyone : “we are here, we are growing, working and living with you and we do not hide anything”.
Still not sure? I will give you seven reasons to publish your company events on your website:
1. Transparency
By publishing your events you let your real and potential customers know what is really happening in your company. They know that your company is vital and what exactly it is doing. You can’t imagine how important is this in the web – there is nothing worst than a website which looks like frozen and one can wonder if it still works or not. Events publishing not only shows that there had been some activity on the site – it shows that there WILL be activity in the future.
2. Trust
Scheduling your events tells the customes that you are well organized company with well structured organization and goals. It shows them that you will be here after a week, a month or year. It helps them trust your words, your legitimacy and legality. The web suffers because of so much fraud these days – use event scheduling to show that your company is not fraudient.
3. Interest
Showing your future plans gains interest. When your visitors see your appointments and plans for the month, they are interested to see that for the following month. They want to know more about you and your business. They want to call you, to work from you and to buy from you.
4. Search engine optimization
The search engines love dynamic content. Google will place your site higher in the search results when it has often chaning content. Blogs, forums and schedulers are perfect sources of fresh and keyword rich content. You don’t need to write long articles or news – just fill your calendar and get ranked better.
5. Organization
Event scheduling will help you to arrange your deals better. If you are a company you will make your plans known by your employees and collegues. You don’t wont more forgotten appointments, missed parties or projects over the schedule.
6. Returning users
The event scheduler will make your web site visitors coming to your site again and again. They will want to see what is new, they will want to see if their request is being scheduled and when. You can use your web based calendar to ensure them that you won’t forget about their needs
7. Requests for quotes
Link your empty event scheduler to your ‘request for quote’ page. Put links on the free dates saying ‘come and visit us’. You will get request for quotes depending on your business. Its up to you if you will turn them into sales.
How to schedule events?
It is easy. Get some web based calendar scripts and start publishing your events. Write shortly. Do not disclose personal details. Use colors. Do not schedule too many events in one day. Be honest. Do not miss events! Keep the history. Write attractive. That is it.

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