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Our Power Forced Matrix (OPFM) is a revolutionary new matrix system of e-marketing that is unlike any that has come before.
Why? Because, unlike other matrix systems, this one ensures that every active member will earn a good income in a relatively short period of time and with little or no investment.
Most matrix systems rely on an ever-increasing membership drive. The problem is, if the membership does not continue to increase, whenever it loses momentum, those who bought in last lose whatever they’ve invested.
But, Thomas Thompson, founder of Our Power Forced Matrix, has come up with a solution that prevents this from happening. Even more, he has revolutionized the matrix system by analyzing all its weak points and building them up.
The weakest points of any matrix are:
— If the promotion itself does not create enough excitement
— If the matrix is uneven (one segment, usually the more established marketers, grab all the traffic)
— If the matrix loses momentum
If any or all of these factors exist, a matrix is bound to either fail completely or “peter out” relatively quickly. But Mr. Thompson has found a way to combat each of these and has employed it for the first time in Our Power Forced Matrix. In it, he:
— Works with a stable internet company (Empowerism) to create a solid foundation in the first build
— Offers a great promotion (free sign up to Empowerism)
— Offers the revolutionary “Flip” concept in matrix marketing
— Follows up with plans for future Matrix Promotions
With all these factors in place, the members are given the real tools needed to make marketing this promotion a dream. Many marketers have reported success in as little as 2 days. But the most exciting and revolutionary portion of this system is its “Flip” concept.
A Flip is a contest within the matrix in which members are given a chance to improve their ranking simply by entering the contest. In the first flip, the contest was based on response time– the first ones in, won the highest rankings. But there was a second flip, still (at the time of this writing) in progress in which the last to enter ALSO win high ranking positions.
The reason this is so exciting is that, theoretically, a person who joined the day before the first flip began could achieve a top level (and the income it garners) within the matrix. And, too, someone entering late can achieve a high-level ranking.
But the ultimate objective of the flip is to equalize all the incomes so that NO ONE is left at the bottom. (See illustration, http://www.frantomgroup.com/OurPowerForcedMatrix.php?UID=14506#h1) The top marketers are willing to invest in this concept because, they realize that by doing this, they can encourage more growth and, ultimately, earn more in the long run.
Another factor to strengthen this system is the plan for the entire group of Our Power Forced Matrix marketers to move on to new promotions on a regular basis. This allows the marketers to develop multiple streams of income, plus uses the best assets of team-work for the whole group to profit.
Though still in its first months Our Power Forced Matrix has generated enough excitement so that (at the time of this writing) nearly 20,000 people have joined. With approximately 500 new sign-ups a day, this promises to be the most dynamic e-marketing promotion in the history of the internet.–mo

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