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Here?s what I know about you!
For the past few minutes you have been sitting at your computer, searching for ways to increase your income. You?ve been reading advertisements about affiliate marketing; some were obvious ?get rich quick? schemes and others appeared to be legitimate offers by webmasters to develop new websites. The ads and opportunities seem to be everywhere?every search you do for ?website marketing,? or internet business opportunities? just causes another mind-numbing list of thousands of offers, some sounding just a little too good to be true. Or, you have a great new product or service that you would like to sell, and you have no real idea regarding how to start a website business and get the word out to potential customers!
This isn?t the first time you?ve been on the web doing Google searches either. You know that people just like you are discovering ways to make a little extra money running internet-based businesses– and if they could figure it out, you certainly can do the same. But where do you start?
Like starting a traditional brick and mortar business, you have two basic choices. You can come up with the next new revolutionary product, service or idea (Dell computers, Google search engines, Starbucks coffee) and design a new website from the ground up to advertise your product or services. Or, you can choose to buy an existing website business that someone else has already put time and money into developing.
If you?ve decided that it might be easier to buy an existing business, you?ve Googled “website for sale” or other similar search phrases. You received dozens of hits from people advertising their individual website business for sale, just like you would see if you checked your local weekend newspaper under the category ?Businesses for sale.? You?ve also seen ads for businesses that advertise themselves as ?website brokers,? some of which offer to act as the middle man and assist you in finding and buying a website business.
Do your research and ask questions about website businesses that peak your interest. Check as many sites offering website for sale as you can find. Be wary of those who want to ?broker? your purchase. Some questions that you need to answer:
Name of Website – Is it relevant to the products being offered for sale?
URL ? Is the site currently active when you try to visit it?
Description of the website ? Purpose, uses? interesting enough that others would visit?
Age of Website ? If it has only been up for a few days, be wary.
Page Rank ? Check any claims made.
Number of Visitors ? No visitors, no value!
Revenue ? Ask for verification
Expenses ? Domain renewal, monthly hosting costs
Net Profit
What work is involved in running the website? Do you have the technical knowledge?
How many hours required to run the website?
Will the seller help with getting started?
How will the payment, domain transfer, hosting transfer be accomplished?
Why is the current owner selling the website?
You may not be able to cover all of these points, but the more information the better. If the seller can?t answer these basic questions, maybe you need to continue looking for that perfect web-based business!


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