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The latest concept for the internet entrepreneur is pay to surf. Do I mean you get paid to sit on your butt and surf web pages? Yes, absolutely! I know many people would think it impossible to get double digit returns on their money daily, but that is in fact what is promised by these sites.
How do they work? The concept is very simple. You establish an account with them and then start surfing. They display pages that others want advertised on a timer of anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds per ad. You can either look at them or go get a coffee, but after a certain number have displayed ? you get paid!
Each pay to surf program has a time span that they hold on to your money. It may be 7 days, it could be 60 days, you decide what?s right for you. After that time period, they transfer your earnings to whatever service you use. Each program has a favored processor on the idea of Paypal ? it?s hooked to your credit cards and/or bank account.
My advice is to investigate them thoroughly! A good sign is a corporation owner that is traceable and in the same country as you, or at least in a country that will hold them responsible. You should look at the actual payout percentages, and the number of participants. The Alexa ranking of a page is also a good indication if they have as many participants as they claim.
Many of the pay to surf programs are affiliate based as well and you can get a percentage of the funds that people you refer put in. Be sure you know what qualifies you for the referral bonus and how many levels deep you get paid. Even one level can be a whole lot of money if you refer serious people!
Look for some kind of track record, meaning that they have been in business for more than a week. This is a fairly new concept to the mainstream internet, but there are some companies that have been in business for several months, maybe some for a year, but I haven?t seen any yet.
As with any new concept ? especially one that pays out at that level ? buyer beware! Obviously, this is a high risk enterprise, but my attitude is that if it crashes and burns in three months, at least I will have made back MUCH more than my initial investment.
I would definitely like to hear good and bad about these programs. They are certainly going to get a lot bigger before they go away. The Internet certainly had its detractors in the beginning and there was also the dot-bomb situation of 2001, but it doesn?t mean that there won?t be a lot of these pay to surf site around for a long time. I?m diving in!
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