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I’m from New York “the city that never sleeps” where things move at a fast pace, and things can get pretty hectic here. Sometimes you just have to say, hold everything, and take time out to regroup. Just like many of you who already have busy schedules, work, children, and after school activities to name a few.
You have to learn to organize your time to get the most out of every day and in the same instance you have to “Be Good To You”. The majority of our time is caught up in daily rituals. Get up, get the children off to school, go to work, come home and prepare dinner, get the children to bed then we get up and do it over and over again.
The thing is now you want to start your own business so that means your going to have to find a few extra hours in your week, besides the fact that we all need to unwind sometimes. So along with your regular schedule keep a few things in mind.
“Be Good To You”
Exercise – It’s really pertinent that we learn to incorporate 20-30 minutes of exercise into our day atleast 3 times a week. Your metabolism will increase, energy level will rise and you will begin to feel like a brand new person. Walking, jogging, gardening and for some of us who just weren’t born with that exercise gene daily house cleaning will do the job.
Eat Healthy – Our eating habits can really make or break us. At this point in time I think all of us know what eating healthy means. When we begin to cut out the sugar and the fat we begin to see a significant change, but consult a physician because i’m not too big on the word “diet”. So what ever healthy means to you “just do it”.
Plan Your Business Hours – All I want to say is follow a schedule. Do you have an extra 20 hours a week? How about 15 or 10 spare hours that you can set aside and devote to your home internet business? You will need to be consistent to stay in the game. I don’t want you to get lazy on me. Treat your work like a flourishing business and it will become just that.
Hang Around Positive People – None of us can afford to waste time with negative influences. People that always have a problem or look at life through a pair of dark shaded glasses. Whether we believe it or not negative people leach off our energy when they don’t have enough of there own. I’m not saying totally avoid these people but keep in mind you can’t spend lots of time with these people. So for those of you who have friends or relatives who can’t seem to get their lives together, can’t seem to find the positive in their situations, or always try to turn your smile into a frown I say “run don’t walk”. They can and probably will hinder your progress. These people do need some positivity in their lives but just try to cut back on time spent with this type of character.
Getting The Big Picture?

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