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The traffic exchange industry is rather small in comparison to search engines and blogs however they are very effective if you know how to use them.
First let’s look at what a traffic exchange is.
Free manual traffic exchanges use a simple idea where you look at other members web pages in exchange they look at yours. It’s that simple however most people miss the deceptively powerful application of these services.
A traffic exchange in reality is a high speed, on demand, instant-on, full page classified traffic system where you can test your headlines, your copy, web colors and your business in extremely short order.
That sounds fine and you may or may not have ever used a manual traffic exchange but there are a couple of insiders techniques which through constant tracking and testing have shown how to effectively use them.
First off you must use a tabbed browser like Firefox where you can open 5 exchanges at a time and do you surfing. Remember that when you surf and look at other peoples pages they in turn are looking at yours.
Join the best five on the internet and you are half way there. You can of course join more but only testing will tell you which ones are delivering a constant and steady flow of traffic from your surfing efforts.
Before you enter any URL into those traffic systems first create a special fast loading splash page. It should load within 2 – 10 seconds max.
What mechanisms you use in the splash page is important and should be targeted to your market and designed to collect leads. Yes I said leads. Most people who refuse to use the manual traffic exchanges complain mostly that they don’t work for them.
With some quick questions and answers you will find most of those say they don’t work did not use them for very long. Maybe a month or three but not much more.
This is their first mistake. You must use this tool everyday consistently and stay focused and dedicated to increasing your traffic everyday using the traffic exchanges. Using a tabbed browser you can easily create one thousand free visits to your splash page every day.
Don’t be lazy surf surf surf, use a lead capture page preferably a fast loading splash page.
Now back to the key ingredients.
1. Your photo. Don’t be shy! People do business with people not web sites or programs. You want them to get to know you and should want to get to know them so. This is called network marketing.
2. Your full name and phone number including the country and area codes. You do want the prospects calling you for more information so you can close the deals and get a new signup.
3. Use a headline that tells the biggest benefit to THEM! Use the color red for headlines and blue for sub headings.
4. Use three or four bulleted list of the top benefits to them when they join you or subscribe. In other words time is short and time is money. Don’t waste mine. Don’t waste theirs.
5. Use a call to action like Get Started Right Away!
6. A BIG mistake is to use audio or video’s that immediately start playing when the user opens the page. Many surfers may be in an online conference and listening to training when voice or music starts blearing in their ear! You just lost a prospect. Those tactics may work with search engine traffic but simply drive possible prospects running away from your site as fast as their fingers will take them.
There you go. A quick guide to getting results from free manual traffic exchanges.
Using a splash page in the high speed digital classified arena called free manual traffic exchanges will absolutely produce real time leads the freshest you’ve ever had. Build you list faster! You will see increased traffic to your sites and build your downlines in those associated programs as well.
Ok, so now you have all the pieces put together, you now MUST put the machine in motion. This requires the labor, the putting the cheese on the hamburgers in your own burger stand. You want traffic for free? You want free hot fresh leads created and sent to your inbox in real time? You must surf daily!
Now if you only have an hour a day to surf then do it daily seven days a week without fail and you need to do it longer than 30 days. You must do this everyday for as long as air fills your lungs and you want the traffic to go to your page.
Consistency, dedication, focus, determination, persistence and the keeping to the daily schedule is the vital keys to using the manual traffic exchanges successfully to build your list and your business.
One great feature of the traffic exchanges is that a portion of your credits can be used for banner impressions on the individual networks you will be using. Unlike dedicated banner exchanges, the banner click through ratio’s from the traffic exchange systems tend to be higher and more responsive to what you are promoting.
Keep in mind that most people are in the free mentality that everything on the internet should be free and it should deliver buckets of money without lifting a finger.
This is not a professional approach to any business and simply will not work no matter what source of marketing you wish to use. The traffic exchanges can literally grown your business in less than a year and yes more income is the by product of this combinations of ingredients used in this outline.
Offer something free to the visitors of your splash page for taking action right away. Offer a free to join program or download, perhaps a viral branded e-book?
The bottom line is that the free manual traffic exchanges indeed do perform well and deliver tangible results in short order but mostly they produce leads and assist you in branding yourself within the community of web surfers using the exchanges. If it didn’t work for you before it’s probably because you didn’t understand how to use them properly and how to get the results you were looking for.
Could be time for you to take another long look at it and give it a good honest effort for at least a year using these tips and you will probably never stop using traffic exchanges again.
Copyright 2005 Peter Tarrida del Marmol

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