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Recently, BBC announced: “More than 134 million hours of BBC Radio have been consumed via the Internet this year – the equivalent to 15,345 years of continuous listening.” IBM runs a regular Podcast: “IBM and the Future of…” It logged 40,000 downloads during its first three months. A quick search at iTunes shows the top Podcasts are dominated by the likes of Fox, Discovery Channel, TSN, ABC, NY Times, Warner Bros. and many more “big guys”. National Pyublic Radio offers 33 podcasts, which pumped out 5 million downloads in unser three months.
So with the Heavyweights churning out tons of Podcasts, is it too late for the “little guy”?
Surprisingly, according to Scott Paton, the self-styled Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, all this makes it even easier for the SOHO Business or entrepreneur.
“First off, the big boys are educating your audience for you for free.” Paton says. “Apple, IBM, the BBC are spending a fortune teaching people online how to use podcasting. As podcasting moves out of th e’early adopter’ phase into the mainstream, you can spend more time on your message, building rapport, driving traffic, and closing sales, and less on showing your audience how to listen to your message.”
Second, the”big guys” are hampered by red tape. As hard as they try, everything they do that goes into the “public arena” has to “go thru th eright channels” and be approved. They can’t match the speed of an individual entrepreneur to deliver quality content fast. Furthermore the SOHO business person can be more personable and authentic.
The Podcasts from IBM or Disney have to follow corporate guidelines and toe the company line. Can you picture IBM’s Podcast praising the latest Dell?
Third, the technology for Podcasting is inexpensive and the difference between what is produced in a studio and on your computer is minimal. Certainly as the field grows the standards will be higher, but the major focus will always be on content. A poorly produced show with great information and character will always beat out a well produced show with no character and awful information. And don’t forget making a Podcast is easy.
If you follow the basic strategies outlined in the “Insider’s Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet (www.podcasting-unleashed.com/insider), you know to focus on a niche market.
Right now, Feedburner tracks over 34,000 Podcasts. This still leaves thousands of markets with few or no Podcasts serving them. A quick search on “Golf” at iTunes brings up 73 shows. Golf searches on Google will get you 252 million results.
Will there ever be a better time to jump into Podcasting?
We are at the stage of Podcasting that email marketing was ten years ago. The email newsletters were a novelty. People joined lists because it was new. If your information was compelling your subscribers were happy to forward your email on to their friends, family and co-workers. Not now.
Podcasting does not have a “tell-a-friend” function – yet. But youcan still expect people to spread the word about your podcast.
During the early years of email marketing, fast acting entrepreneurs were able to grow their lists to dramatic heights in very short periods of time. I personally grew a list for a client of mine from zero to 22,000 in 13 months.
History is repeating itself. Podcasting is at the same point in its history that email was ten years ago. If you missed the email trend ten years ago, are you willing to miss this one?
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