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How many times have you wondered what magic formula the top Net earners were using?
There really isn’t any magic involved. No magic wand or success secret that only a select few know about.
Making money on the Net boils down to one thing, and one thing only.
Easier said then done. Right? Do the following statements sound familiar?
*All these emails in my in box I just HAVE to read because they just MIGHT contain a few that aren’t spam.*
*I’ll just check out those couple of websites and I promise not to let myself get carried away with following link after link.*
*Wow, this new, hot, just launching program looks GREAT. Signing up for one more Affiliate program can’t hurt.*
* Goals? What goals? I don’t have time to write down goals.*
Chances are you’ve caught yourself saying most of these statements. Haven’t you?
Focusing will insure you don’t say them ever again. So what do I mean when I say *FOCUS*?
I mean CHANNELING your actions like this….
1. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Market ONE program successfully before you add a second program.
2. The majority of those who write down their goals and create a goal schedule actually succeed.
3. Be strict with yourself and schedule your time for answering emails, promotion activities and surfing the net.
4. Start using an email program to manage your incoming and outgoing emails. Make sure you choose one that allows you to set up filters so you can send known spam straight to the trash can.
===> Eudora Pro or Pegasus have great filtering capabilities. And you can get both for FREE.
===> Download Eudora from http://www.eudora.com/
===> Download Pegasus from http://www.pmail.com/
Taking the time to follow the above 4 channeling activities will result in less time spent on unproductive activities and ultimately produce a larger online income.
And wasn’t that the reason why you started your online home based business? To supplement your income? Or get away from the rat race? Give yourself the chance to succeed. Focus.
Focusing is a skill. A skill anyone can develop. Your future success depends on it.
Remember this simple formula….
Write it down, tape it to the top of your monitor and read it everyday.
And while you’re at it….throw that magic wand in the trash. (Whoever would have thought you could buy one on eBay?)

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