title:Home Based Internet Businesses ? Can It Be Just As Good As Winning The Lottery? author:Mark Sturge source_url:http://www.articlecity.com/articles/online_business/article_3541.shtml date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:15 category:online_business article:

?He must be crazy? you say, ?How can he possibly link the lottery with home based internet businesses?? Now that?s a bold claim I know, but not so far fetched. Let?s take a look at it together and see why?
Winning the lottery, what images does that conjure up?
No more hourly commute to and from work to slave for an ungrateful boss, psychotic manager, whining customers or self-righteous taxpayers.
No more stressing over bill payments or lack of cash flow. No more fighting with loved ones over money troubles or cancelled vacations.
And freedom! Freedom to go where you want, when you want. Buy what you desire not what you need.
And guess what? Thousands of people are starting home based internet businesses to obtain this kind of freedom. The internet has created more millionaires than anytime in history!
So now the link does not seem like such a tenuous one does it.
Home based internet businesses can take many forms, for instance:
Buying and selling products on ebay – Another popular home based internet business, but also can require a bit of hands on work involving packing and shipping of products.
If you don?t have the desire or skills to store/ship/market a product there are plenty of other home based internet businesses to choose from.
The information provider – You can research a market, discover their wants and provide a solution to their ?pain? via an e-book, audio or video product. All done ?digitally? without ever having to ship a product.
Data entry online – particularly where you write ads to be displayed on google, is a new option. With ?google cash? being the flavor of the month.
Paid surveys online ? Sounds unlikely, but you can make a home based internet business just out of giving your opinion. Paid to rate products, go shopping, even view movie trailers online.
Share trading ? Gone are the days of needing a broker or market floor hustling. Trading, evaluating and monitoring shares and stocks can now become a home based internet business.
Foreign currency exchange ? Formerly only available to global banking networks and multinational companies, the internet allows this home based internet business to become a reality. Being able to monitor fluctuations between the Euro, the pound and the dollar from your pc screen allows you to play with the big boys.
Paid autosurf programs ? Another new and popular home based internet business is paid auto-surfing. These are sites where you pay what is called an ?upgrade fee? to the hosts for you to surf and view a designated number of sites and in return you receive payment which is a set daily percentage of your upgrade fee. Net profits of up to 44% are not uncommon.
Each of these home based internet businesses do have one thing in common. They all require effort and commitment to get them to work. But in doing so, you have the possibility to break free from an unsatisfying, soul draining (ok, ok I?m getting too personal here) job and live the life you deserve!


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