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It is my experience that working at home can be very counter productive, no matter how hard you stick to your plans and goals.
It is also my experience that the day that you plan to do the things that you may have been putting aside, are usually “Days of Disaster”
Ok, so today is the day I am going to send my Affiliates personal message to keep them update on current happenings, find out how they are progressing and if I can help them in any way. I spent a half hour revising a letter. I log on to get their email addresses and the site has an error message. Now think about it, I run a home business that consists of signing up affiliates. Why do I not have back up of this information on my computer? Why? Because it is one of a long list of things that have been put on the back burner. Mind you! I have access to down load this information any time I need it.
I had been piling paper work for a good month. The day that I was going to sort through it and file the good, toss the bad, and maybe read the things that I had saved to read. So I started around 9am, I have decided that this paper work is going into three pile and no more. File, Toss, Read, sounded simple enough. I start sorting, and by 9:30am I am reading some of the papers I had saved (wasn’t done sorting). At 10:30am I realize I still have a task at hand and need to put down the reading material and get back to work. The phone rang several times but I managed to keep going. At about 11:15 am the door bell rings, I answer the door, UPS delivery. As I rounded the corner to enter my office, the cat came flying out. I looked in, and it looked like a bomb had dropped. My three neat piles were now the new floor covering for my office.
There was the time I was building a Products Website, I had the first two pages done and I was working on the third. I was happy that things were going so smoothly and that pages were going together without errors. On the third page I had everything in place and was about to save the page, I just wanted to double check everything before saving. I went into the kitchen for more java and when I returned my two year old granddaughter was sitting in my seat smiling. Page three missing, editor missing, I often think she is a computer whiz at the age two. How did she know how to close the editor? Site is still not finished.
Why aren’t there 30 hours in a day?

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