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One of the most wonderful opportunities for bloggers and webmasters has got to be Google?s Adsense program. Recently I discovered yet another easy technique for boosting traffic on one of my websites where I use Google?s Adsense program to produce revenue. More traffic of course means more clicks!
If you want to improve on your results, tracking is vital. Without tracking, it?s like you?re walking in the dark. Things are harder to find and most likely your going to trip and fall. Turning on the lights is a simple answer to your problem. The same is true for figuring out how to improve your Google Adsense revenue.
Tracking your results will reveal important data that will help to pin point the reason why one web site, or even a particular web page is getting better results.
When one particular site started to receive the majority of clicks I carefully analyzed the data to find out why.
Even if several of your web site pages rank high in the search engine results, that does not guarantee your link will be clicked on. The following three elements are what I found to be helping my site draw more attention that other results:
#1. The keyword phrase they were searching for was highlighted in the results as the link.
#2. The description under the keyword offered a solution to their problem.
#3. My domain name related to their search term needs.
Let me give you an example:
Let?s say you?re looking for a flea remedy for your cat. In the search box you type in the keyword phrase, ?Flea remedy for cats?. As you are searching through the results this is what an irresistibly clickable result link might it look like:
#1. ?Flea Remedy? (this is the linked result)
#2. ?This flea remedy was wonderful. It rid my cat of fleas without harmful chemicals?.? (This is the description under the highlighted link result)
#3. ?wonderfulcatremedies.com/catflea-remedy.htm (This is the domain name listed under the description, this is not an actual website link)
Notice the keyword is part of the clickable link result. Next you see the description. If you were looking for a flea remedy, wouldn?t you want to click on that link? Even the domain name is appealing because it not only relates to your flea problem it promises the solution.
My top producing Adsense site is receiving good traffic due to those three elements. The paragraph the search engine is picking up is the first paragraph under my Google Adsense ads.
The particular description that was really drawing people in was actually a testimonial of the product that I was offering on several of the pages receiving a high traffic volume.
The search engines will not always include the description that you?d like them to. However, knowing that the first paragraph and the headings are mainly what I see showing up in the search engines, and those that have an irresistible heading or paragraph are receiving more traffic, you better believe I?ll be making sure these two things are teaked on each and every page of my sites.
I am currently receiving about a 13.2% click-through rate and averaging .61 cents per click. Now if I can bring my daily traffic up to 1000 page views per day I?d be earning about $70.00 per day. I?m not there yet, but at least I?m seeing progress through tracking I?ve been able to raise my click-through rate from 6.7% back when I first started in August, to 13% in Jan. 2006.
So, the bottom line is this. Track your results or your results won?t be worth tracking!
Copyright 2006 Christine Darrington

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