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Have you ever thought about how products reach you, the consumer? Most of us do not
think about it but rather, we just take it all for granted. We get in our car, we go to our
favorite store, we find what we want, we pay for it and then we go home. Never do we
think about how it got into our hot little hands. Well…..here’s how:

Someone invents the product
Someone produces and packages the product
The product is given to a wholesaler to market
The wholesaler hires shippers to distribute the product to retailers
Retailers hire advertisers to promote the product
Retailers take their cut and then sell the product to you, the consumer

That’s a lot of people handling this product before you get it isn’t it? What we don’t
think about is that ALL those people have to get paid for doing what they do. So now,
our product which started out costing $5.00 to produce, now costs us, the consumer,
about $35.00!

Which leads us to our next question and the purpose of this article. Is there a way to
circumvent this process and get products cheaper? I can happily tell you YES!

MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing) is one of the most profitable and effective ways to
distribute products and services. Why?…..you might ask. Read on:

By marketing products and services through independent affiliates you eliminate the need
for wholesalers, shippers to wholesalers, retail advertisers and retailers. You can
effectively eliminate about 33% of all marketing costs! Imagine putting all those savings
into your pocket EVERYTIME you buy a product or service.

It is obvious that manufacturers love MLM’s as evidenced by the huge number of them
marketing products through this system. Companies like Coca Cola, Magnavox,
Arrow…etc… are just a few. You can now find thousands of companies marketing
through MLM’s.

Bottom line is that manufacturers and consumers love it because both save money. The
choice is yours, you can either be part of the distribution system or you can be the end
user. Why buy products that you use everyday from someone else when you can buy the
same thing from yourself for far cheaper?

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