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Every place you look online there is somebody tell you how you can get rich. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps…
It reminds of the TV commercial I saw where folks were attending a seminar. The speaker was full of zest and enthusiasm and he said:
“Look… it’s easy. You want to be a millionaire, all you need to do is save $100,000 per year. Do that for JUST 10 years and you are millionaire before you know it.”
I’d like to see a show of hands now! How many people do you know learned how to run before they learned how to crawl? I don’t see any hands.
How many people do you know that claim they will be RICH by this time next year… but are still currently working a job? Oh… see a couple of hands there. But for the most part, your friends that think this, are keeping their dreams to themselves. They may believe it, but they don’t believe it enough to be able to tell you about it. It’s called “pipe dreams.”
What do you think would be a realistic goal for the average person to achieve by marketing online?
Let’s think about your present income.
I know… you’d like to make more, everybody would…
But you can SEE by way of your employment, you making X number of dollars per month. That’s not too hard to visualize. You don’t need someone to tell you how to make $50,0000 per year if you are already making it. So it is a given. You can make $50,000 per year, and you are used to making it.
If you choose another field to work in, you can still make $50,000 per year.
There are ways to increase this so you can make more, but for now let’s look at an example of two different sales people I know who sell the exact same thing.
She was used to making $1200 per month. So when she quit her job and started working for herseld, she made $1100 per month.
He was used to making $3700 per month. So when he quit his job and started working for himself (the exact same thing) he wasn’t happy unless he was making $4100 per month.
Yes, yes… we could go into psychological reasoning, but I’m not a psychologist. This is the norm for REAL people. Yes you can learn to overcome this mental barrier, but you’re not going to do it when you’re first out of the gate. Learn to replace your current income, before moving on to a higher income bracket.
This… isn’t soooo hard to do. Like eating an elephant! One bite at a time.
Here is the thing most people have a problem with…
What are you doing right now to make $50,000 per year?
Right! What do you suppose you’re going to have to do to earn the same amount of money working for yourself?
Acck! …and they said it would be easy. It is… all you have to do is save $100,000 per year;-)
People you will never hear about are using the web to live their dreams. They aren’t rich, they aren’t famous, and you don’t know them and will never hear about them.
Glenn quit his teaching job last year. He replaced his income by playing in 5 different musical bands plus has employees that setup in small clubs and do Karaoke gigs for him. He doesn’t have a website. He uses a mailing list to keep the folks who hire him informed of his openings and specials. This keeps his name fresh on their minds.
A Carpenter and teacher (married couple) quit their jobs to rent cottages. Using traditional advertising and Internet marketing they had their cottages full by the second year. Internet marketing was responsible for 35-40% of the bookings they received that year.
Harry runs a local directory for the county. He has businesses paying him to be listed on his website.
These are all people who were SERIOUS about wanting to replace their incomes, and they did, using a combination of offline, and online marketing. This is a sensible approach to using the Internet. Sure, most the stories you hear, are about how people have made fortunes. It is newsworthy, and of course the exception to the rule. We get bombarded with similar stories so much so that IF you hear John Smith finally replaced his income from a job he hated for 17 years, no one listens; no one cares. I bet John does though.

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