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We are all familiar with the term ?corporate restructure? in this day and age. Do you ever think one will ever personally affect you? After being employed by a major Midwestern retail chain for 28 years I didn?t think so. I started working for them in college; you know to get through school. I was studying management so it was only natural to get involved in their management program there. After graduating I was offered a position that required moving. No questions ask, my wife and I packed up everything we owned, left our families and pursued the American dream.
After 25 years in management, working in 3 cities at 5 different locations I had slipped into that false sense of security. Then those meetings started about how the company was going to transform. ?Big? competition was moving into the area the company operated in, there had to be changes to survive and ?move forward?. The restructure inevitably meant cuts in overhead which of course translate into staff reduction.
It was early in January, after a successful Christmas selling season, that the tension really began to build. Changes in the wind were blowing strong now. All management personnel were to attend a mandatory meeting on Thursday. At this meeting a sketchy outline was given of the new direction the company was taking. We were thanked for our efforts in seeing the company through its best year ever. Then just as we were to be excused we were informed that over the next two days each of us would meet with the store manager to find out our part, if any in the changes.
The next day was the day I had my appointment. I entered the store manager?s office and sat down. Not 10 seconds after that I knew of my fate, ?as you know the company is restricting? the manager said. He continued ?your position has been eliminated, you will be ask to leave after this meeting?. I was astounded that after all the time and dedication I had poured into the company I was ?being eliminated?!
I did receive a charitable severance package but then what. I was thankful that my kids were grown and on their own but how was I going to pay the bills? Could I afford to keep my home? What if the car quits? Energy costs are on the rise, can I heat my home? Can I even afford gas for the car? What would you do in this situation?
After the initial shock wore off I realized life would go on. My girlfriend, who also worked at the same store and suffered the same fate as I, started our own business. We do home repair with a focus on paint and wallpaper.
That works as well as the effort you put into it. Another problem is the Holidays. First, people don?t want their house torn up during the holidays. Second, they can?t afford to have changes because they are paying for the holidays.
Like many people I have a home computer which I enjoy. Hey! Why not make money at home with the computer? I searched around a bit, trying a few ?it?s quick and easy to make cash? programs. Watch out for the ?offers? that suggest ?for just $19.95 you can make cash today?. Also be cautious of programs with a one or two page website. It didn?t take long to figure out it was them making the fast buck!
What I was looking for was a company with a solid background, one that had been around with a track record to prove it. One that offered more than an email address for support or questions, one with no money up front to join. With a bit of time and effort you can find a solid opportunity to invest your time and energy in.
How secure do you feel in your job?

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